Quilter's Corner

Helping other quilters put the finishing touch on their labor of love!

Quilt Binding Service / Quilt labeling 


Quilt Binding Services:   I LOVE binding by hand and would be glad to help you.

Fee:  $0.15 / inch

Example:  Baby Quilt 42"x42" = 168" x $0.15 = $25.20 to bind your quilt


  • Trimming up fabric from the long armer
  • You provide the yardage and I will make the 2.5" binding strips
  • I will attach the binding to the quilt with my sewing machine and hand bind it to the back using an invisible stitch for a beautiful, finished edge to your quilt.

Quilt Label Service:  $12

  • You provide a 10" square of the same material from the back of the quilt
  • Provide basic info to be embroidered:
    • Title of quilt or dedication
    • Quilt Made by
    • Location
    • Year
  • I will attach the quilt label in the corner on the back when I put your binding on