About Us

My name is Samantha Swieszcz.  I have been a quilter for eleven years.  The first memory quilt I created was made from my husband and my son's jeans.  We would fight over who got to snuggle up under it.  I am blessed to love and be loved by a decorated EOD Veteran.  In order to celebrate and commemorate his service I made him a memory quilt out of his military uniforms and t-shirts.   Along the way, I started making Memory Quilts for family members who had lost a loved one.  Knowing that they would wrap the quilt around themselves and feel connected to that person again sparked a passion in me.  Powerful memories come back when we see a familiar fabric.  It makes the memories tangible!

Contact me to find out how I can customize A Memory Quilt for you.

Text or call:  417-650-1364     email:  amemoryquilt@comcast.net